Today’s Sabbath Reading- 24 July, 2021

The Secret to a Miserable Life

This morning I woke up with the story of Gideon from the book of Judges on the second day of my 5 day spiritual journey plan called “I Declare War: 4 Keys to Winning The Battle with Yourself” by Levi Lusko.

The author, Levi Lusko, shared his theory that we all wear masks inside every single day. He believes that the reason for this is because we feel insecure so we buy into the lie that we are NOT good enough.

I agree.

You see, if there was an award for the most insecure person on earth, I would win it! You know why? Because I wear a mask everyday. I keep telling myself that “I’m not good enough like this person “x” or that person “y”. Or I’m such an amateur, who would want to listen to me or watch any videos that I create? It’s a constant inner dialogue I have with myself every day and it is all derived from “insecurities”. Levi says that this is the secret to a miserable life.

Who had a similar perception and belief of himself in the bible?


Gideon represents me and all the people who share this same view of themselves. Regardless of where you are in the world. I believe we can all relate on some level.

I love the story of Gideon. I’ve loved it ever since I first read it many years ago.

God chose the one person whose opinion of himself was so low, to lead God’s army and win the battle against the Midianites. He even called him “Mighty man of valour”.

Let’s define “valour”. According to the valour is defined as courage or bravery, especially in battle.

Isn’t that just awesome? God chose the very person who did not have the necessary experience, qualifications, or even self-confidence to carry out His will so that He could show us His divine intervention and miraculous hand in Gideon’s life as well as to His people.

Despite the way that we view ourselves, God does not look at what we are not but ON WHAT WE ARE.

It doesn’t matter if we think we’re weak, not ready, amateurish or if we need to get certain qualifications to be accepted by society, if God loves us and says, we are ready now, who can stop us?

The lesson I learned today was that I must win the battle in my mind and stop procrastinating on my dreams because it is God’s divine will for me to live His Purpose on earth.

Be blessed and if you would like to read more about this scripture reading plan because you feel that you are going through a similar struggle with your mind, check out the link below.

I Declare War: 4 Keys To Winning The Battle With Yourself • Devotional

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